The third Sharptails litter was born at the third of September 2019. Ten beautiful pups were born, 3 males and 7 females. We have Blue, Orange and Liver belton in this litter. 
Mom is Sharptails Automne (Tommie). After consultation with the people who know our dogs from the first two litters, a small selection was made of males that would improve our breeding even more. Based on this, we have decided to go for Naomo again, the dog that we also used for our second litter.

Here's the link to the pedigree of the puppies: Pedigree Sharptails C-litter

Sharptails Automne has proven herself at the field trials this year (2018). Where it didn't quite work out in the spring, she completely amazed us in the fall. This resulted, among several other qualifications, in a CACT at an open field trial in France (Audinghen, judge Dominique Lebrun). Her qualifications also resulted in her being listed in the French table of results (her mother too ):

Echelle des valeurs solo gibier naturelle solo FRANCE 2018
 Sharptails Automne (Desianensis Linux x Vai nel Vento Gadji)

Echelle des valeurs automne couple FRANCE 2018
 Vai nel Vento Gadji (Kapò x Paiper)
17° Sharptails Automne (Desianensis Linux x Vai nel Vento Gadji)

Also at the German clubshow she got an excellent assessment from judge Vladimir Demaretz, namely a 1st excellent (V1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH) in the open class where she competed against 3 other females. Her cotation is 4/6.

Sharptails Automne (HD-A) has Ch.I.T. Vai nel Vento Gadji (Kapò x Paiper) as mother and Desianensis Linux as sire. Nine puppies were born from this combination. Of these 9 puppies, 6 are competing in field trials and all 6 have already qualified themselves. In particular Tommie with her CACT, Sharptails Anarchy with a CACIT in the Grande Quete and CAMPIONI SOCIALI 2019 and Sharptails Antje, who's Champion International de Travail (2 x CACIT) at the age of only three. Fairly unique for Dutch bred English Setters.
Of the 3 dogs that are not competing in field trials, 2 have passed the TAN and the female of these 2 also passed the TAC.
All dogs have either been confirmed in France or were conformed elsewhere with an excellent rating.
Of the 9 puppies, 8 are x-rayed. Seven of them have an HD-A rating and the eighth HD-B.

Naomo, Campione Internazionale di Lavoro (Ch.I.T.), Campione Italiano di Lavoro,  Campione Trialler, Campione sociali grande cerca 2017, Campione sociali grande cerca 2019, is handled in the Grande Quete by Ernesto Pezzotta and he has already had several high qualifications (CACIT). Conformation wise he is excellent. he has a full dentition. Naomo is a full brother of Natan (di Valdichiana). Naomo's father is the great Kapò. Kapò is one of the dogs that have had an enormous influence on the breed.

The puppies from our B-litter (Gadji x Naomo) are excellent in style and show that they are true bridfinders. The retrieve, the patron and their style on the points comes naturally.
Two of the puppies from this litter are with falconers and the other 3 are for field trials.
Brisbane has already had several high qualifications and from this year on it's Betsy and Barristo's turn. It looks very promising. Both Brisbane and Barristo went to the German clubshow where they both received compliments from the judge Vladimir Demaretz. Both went home with the excellent rating.
Of the 5 puppies, 3 were x-rayed and were scored HD-A.

The dogs that will have the biggest influence on this upcoming litter:

KAPO (2 X 4): 0.031799
PALAZIENSIS PEPE (5.5 X 5.7): 0.004883
GUFO DI VAL DI CHIANA (4 X 6.6.6): 0.003906
NEGUS (5 X 0.002197
FRANCINI'S LUCA (5 X 6.7.7): 0.001953
DECOR LOT (6.8 X 0.001892
NOAH DEL DIANELLA (5 X 7.8): 0.000641
LEM DEL RESEGONE ( X 8.8): 0.000488
ROVAL MOZART (8.8 X 0.000427
MERA DELL ORSONE ( X 8.8): 0.000305
FRANCINI'S ASTON (6 X 8.8): 0.000244
FRANCINI'S ODETTE (6 X 8.8): 0.000244
FRANCINI'S RACE (7 X 7): 0.000122
RUDY DEL DIANELLA (7 X 7): 0.000122
FRANCINI'S VANITY (7.8 X 8.8): 0.000092
OLAF DEI TRE PONTI (6.7 X 8): 0.000061
DUN DEL MESCHIO (7.8.8 X 8): 0.000061

If you are interested in a puppy for the field trials (or practical hunting), send us a message.